Two places Two spaces

I live in two places. One is by the water in McMahon’s Point, the other is in the Hunter Valley. This series of work is drawn from my relationship with these two spaces.

Passages means many things. Of course it is about travel, and journeys but it is also about the passage of life and renewal – and the passage of time.

Patrick White observed that ‘time stands still inside a house’. And indeed it is in the landscape that I notice the effects of the passage of time.

It is there in the ebb and flow of the tides, in the cycle of life – birth, death, regeneration, intangibility – what is and is not, and what has been. In nature there is a continuous creation reconstruction, disintegration. So this work reflects a sense of that coming and going – the passing of one phase into another.


‘Passages two places, two spaces’ is showing at The Depot Gallery,

2 Dank Street Waterloo from April 16 to April 27 


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