Open Spaces

The title of this exhibition, ’Open Spaces’ is my response to the closed spaces we have all experienced during the lockdown Covid years. This body of work was created over three years from 2019 to 2022, and it’s been interesting to see how the work has evolved during that time.
Sometimes the subjects themselves dictate how they should be painted.

The works exhibited here are a result of travels throughout NSW from the Hunter Valley, with its dams and tidy agricultural spaces. But at the end of summer neglected paddocks come alive with wildflowers. Often, not-so-welcome weeds which have colonised the paddocks, bask in their own form of beauty. This is what appeals to me. Silos, dams, old windmills and broken fences all make emotive subjects. The broad acre farms of the Western plains, the windswept Eden Monaro and the more intimate spaces of Hill End have all provided inspiration for this exhibition.
Sandra Blackburne September 2022

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