Coast Lines

The original idea for an exhibition on coastlines came from many years making sketches as I travelled along Australia’s East Coast. More recently, two extended trips to the West Coast, sailing up the Kimberley coast in 2017, and this year a second trip which included a month travelling by road down the coast from Broome, through the Pilbara, Ningaloo and along the Coral Coast to Perth.

There is great contrast and variation in this part of the country and I’ve been drawn to the beauty of the cliff lines, shallow protected beaches and quiet salt-laden lagoons. I sketched constantly and my husband and extended family were patient enough to wait for me or go fishing for the day. These journeys from the East to the West have produced a surprising variation in colour and mood. The intensity of the red and turquoise of the Kimberley and Coral coast contrast vividly with the softer often moody colours of the East. In these paintings, I’ve been inspired by the effects of light, the energy of turbulent seas, serene bays, rocky shores and the quiet unspoilt beaches found all around Australia.