A new exhibition of works on paper coming soon July 7-19

Drawings done en plein air from travels around the country.

My drawings represent the journeys which I take. They are records of my adventures where I find inspiration for my paintings, sometimes the drawing becomes an end in itself.

Love of painting has taken me many miles, Sometimes with fellow artists and special friends, sometimes with patient family and sometimes alone. There is the discovery always of new things which act as inspiration The journey can be as close as the local park, or it can be across the country or across the world. It can be a 13 hour journey by train to Broken Hill and Fowlers Gap in central Australia; or flooded cane fields near Yamba in northern NSW after the 2013 cyclone; and in the West, the once in a lifetime trip along the Kimberley Coast in with its ancient rock paintings and magnificent landscape of impossible colours – red cliffs on a turquoise sea. The scars of the Hill End gold diggings with their iconic cottages is a journey back in time or Queensland’s wild seas after a cyclone and closer to home, the lovely beaches of Hawkes Nest and Seal Rocks along the east coast. All of them engender the excitement I feel when I see something which I just have to get down on paper.